Does your terracotta roof stand out for all of the right reasons?
Terracotta roofing has been around for centuries and is well loved for its eye-catching patterns and designs, as well as its iconic, reddish-brown colouring. As you look at your terracotta roofing, is it standing out for its beauty or its disrepair?

Your roof can account for 40% of your home’s exterior. Maintaining it is not just a good investment in the home’s beauty but also in your financial future.

At CraftMaster, we have a team of experienced roofing experts who are as passionate about roofing as you are about your home. We know that a once vibrant terracotta roof can be restored to its former glory because we are roofing experts.

When we go out for roofing assessments, we’re often asked :

What is terracotta?
– Terracotta is a fired clay material that provides a practical covering to your home and has been used as a roofing material around the world for centuries.

What might be affecting my terracotta tiles?
– Terracotta is made with clay, a very porous and breathable material that can hold water and attract moisture. Therefore, moss and lichen that can sometimes take over your roof.

– Salt air, which is prevalent in coastal areas, can threaten the strength of terracotta roofs and cause tiles to fret and become brittle.

– Improper sealing or improper installation of sarking can cause water to leak into the interior of the home when it rains heavily.

Age and pressure
– from falling branches and other forces – can cause tiles to crack and break. This poses the biggest danger where tiles lap because the problem often remains hidden for years without an experienced team like CraftMaster doing an individual tile inspection.

How can we restore our terracotta roof and how much does it cost?
If you are interested in giving your terracotta roof a new lease of life, contact CraftMaster to learn more about our process, our experienced team and our past experience with customers. We are happy to give you a fair and reasonable quote. Simply contact us at our phone number or on our Contact Page to learn more about terracotta roof restoration.

What is your restoration process?
Each roof we commit to undergoes a thorough 12-step process to ensure that all areas are covered.

1. All broken and damaged tiles are replaced
2. A bio degradable steriliser is applied to roof tiles and allowed to penetrate, killing spores and hindering regrowth.
3. Tiles are high pressure cleaned to remove dirt, moss, lichen and fungus.
4. Rusted Valley Irons are replaced with Colorbond Valley Irons.
5. Ridge caps are rebedded where necessary
6. Flexible pointing is applied to all ridge caps
7. A coat of anti-corrosive paint is applied to all lead flashings and valley irons not replaced.
8. Gables are hand-painted with a colour coat to complement your home.
9. A sealer coat is applied if tiles are unglazed.
10. Any mess made during the restoration process is cleaned
11. Rubbish is removed from the job site
12. Your tradesman will run through with you what has been done on your roof, discuss your guarantee and explain how to ensure your roof stays looking great for years to come.

Make today the day you invest in your roof and your family’s financial future. Contact the experienced team at CraftMaster today!

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Great service on roof, professional tradesman.
Jose Barahana, Lurnea
The team did a wonderful job, we are very happy.
Brian Nicholsson
Very professional polite people and explained everything very well thanks.
Sandra Denicola, Carss Park