Your roof can take up to 40% of your homes exterior and often problems can go undetected for years until damage is caused to other areas of your home. The roof restoration process is designed to return your weathered roof to a quality condition before it is too late, extending its life and saving you expensive replacement costs in the future. Craft Master Roofing and Guttering Specialists can help you protect and enhance the appearance of your home with a complete restoration system. Our roof coatings are manufactured by NUTECH and are designed to withstand the tough Australian environment while injecting your home with instant appeal. Unlike many other roof paints, Nutech Coatings are manufactured from tough, acrylic resins and fade resistant pigments which are durable, flexible and resistant to ultra violet sunlight, to help reflect heat away and provide complete waterproof protection for your roof. With Craft Master Roofing and Guttering Specialists Restoration System you can reduce cooling needs and enjoy the benefits of continued savings. Nutech Roof Coatings are also environmentally friendly and suitable for the collection of drinking water. We offer a wide range of colours to give your roof a distinctive appearance and if you have a project with a special colour in mind, we can even match that colour to suit your needs.


  1. Thorough inspection of the roof is carried out before work is started to ensure peace of mind.
  2. Roof surface is pressure cleaned.
  3. Sheets or sleeve sheets are replaced where necessary.
  4. Flashings are repaired or replaced where necessary.
  5. Screws are tightened where necessary.
  6. 1 coat of Anti-Corrosive Metal Primer is applied.
  7. First coat of chosen colour is applied.
  8. Second and Final coat of colour is applied.
  9. Any mess made during the restoration process is cleaned
  10. Rubbish is removed from job site
  11. Your tradesman will run through with you what has been done on your roof, discuss your guarantee and explain how to ensure your roof stays looking great for years to come.


Nutech Roof Coating

Nutech’s advanced research and development program over 35 years has produced the most technologically advanced roof coatings, including NXT COOL ZONE AND TILEFLEX 2000 enhanced with Teflon. NXT COOL ZONE is a remarkable heat reflective roof coating utilising revolutionary THERMAL PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY developed by Nutech to keep buildings cooler in hot weather. For the first time, you can reduce the temperature of your roof and live more comfortably without sacrificing colour choice. NXT COOL ZONE starts saving you money from the moment you out it on your roof. Nutech’s revolutionary TILEFLEX 2000 is not just, another roof paint. From the moment you see TILEFLEX 2000 you will notice the difference- superior gloss, exciting colours and outstanding durability. The remarkable performance of TILEFLEX 2000 has even been proven by independent CSIRO testing. Now with the special properties of Teflon TILEFLEX 2000 resists airborne pollution and dirt which can discolour and deteriorate conventional roof paints

  • Colours available in Nuflex®, Tileflex 2000®, PaveCoat, Low Sheen and Gloss 100% Acrylic and Sunguard Paints.
  • NXT COOL ZONE® – These colours are available in NXT COOL ZONE® Heat Reflecting Roof Coatings – also available in white and pastel colours
  • Colours are representative of actual product colours. The appearance may vary subject to surface conditions. Colour match service available.

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Great service on roof, professional tradesman.
Jose Barahana, Lurnea
The team did a wonderful job, we are very happy.
Brian Nicholsson
Very professional polite people and explained everything very well thanks.
Sandra Denicola, Carss Park