As your roof ages, are you beginning to worry about the condition of your roof tiles? Have you noticed a leak since the installation of your aerials or since having your skylights cleaned? There are many stresses that can be placed on roof tiles that can cause them to crack and break. While the problem may seem minor, over the course of time, it can cause big damage to the interior of your home and the contents inside.

A common cause for concern on a tiled roof is broken tiles. Broken tiles can occur due to storms, installation of aerials or solar panels or from general cleaning of skylights, gutters and installation of Christmas Lights.

Craft Master Roofing and Guttering Specialists have a simple solution. We will inspect the roof to identify the broken tiles and the tile type. We will then locate matching replacement tiles in a quantity sufficient to carry out the repairs. Broken tiles are removed and the replacements installed.

Signs that you may need some roof tiles replaced

Before you venture up to your roof, there are several signs inside your home that might indicate the need for roof tile replacements. Consider the interior of your home and ask these questions:

– Do you see any leaking or water damage on the ceiling?
– Are you able to see light through your ceiling/roof?
– Have you noticed any fallen or slipped tiles when looking at your roof?  ?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, further investigation may be necessary. Consider engaging a professional like Craft Master Roofing and Guttering to conduct an in-depth investigation to assess the problem. Jumping on the roof yourself or sending an untrained individual can not only be dangerous because of the slope of the roof but it may result in inadvertently stepping on tiles that are brittle or susceptible to breaking, causing further damage.

Repair or Replace

The question in many people’s minds is to repair the tiles on the roof or to replace the roof entirely. In many cases, instead of panicking and assuming that your roof needs to be replaced, consider the option of having your roof repaired and the broken tiles replaced. An honest professional like Craft Master Roofing and Guttering can review the condition of your roof and give you a fair assessment.

Usually, if your roof is under 20 years old and there is leaking, the roof can be restored instead of replaced. When considering engaging a professional to replace the tiles on your roof, remember that repairs must be done properly. It sometimes requires repairing beyond what can be seen and understanding the problems that can occur.

Craft Master Roofing and Guttering are professional roofers with extensive experience. Give us a call to assess the state of your roof and to learn how we can help you sleep soundly, knowing your roof was repaired correctly at a fair price.

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Extremely pleased with the work done. My house roof looks brand new. The guys were professional and thorough. Well done and thanks.
Rohit sami, Chipping Norton
Excellent clean work. Many thanks.
Sylvia Gazdarica, Castle Hill
The roof looks great! Daniel and his team are so helpful and professional.
Kathy Li, Cement Roof Restoration, St Ives.