Sarking is a form of insulation as well as roof protection. Sarking in your roof keeps the heat out in summer and retains it in winter by up to 40%, making it a great insulation material. Sarking also acts as an extra roof barrier or a second skin, protecting your roof from wind-driven rain and dust. If any rain should come in through your roof, it would then run straight down to your gutters. Sisalation paper is also fire retardant, making it a great barrier in bushfire prone areas as it keeps hot ashes and embers away from your roof space.

Craft Master Roofing and Guttering Specialists can identify problems with your sarking and repair or replace it for you. We will roll out Sisalation paper on top of your roof rafters and underneath your battens before laying the tiles on your roof.

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Very pleased with the restoration, the four employees that did the job are a credit to the company.
Therese Leavey, Cambridge Park.
Excellent clean work. Many thanks.
Sylvia Gazdarica, Castle Hill
The roof looks great! Daniel and his team are so helpful and professional.
Kathy Li, Cement Roof Restoration, St Ives.