Give your roof new life with roof painting and restoration

Are you thinking about a roof restoration for your home? Have you considered having your roof painted? What better way to instantly add value, protection and street appeal to your home.

There are many ways to restore the state of your roof, and roof painting is a viable option in many cases. Additionally, if you’d like to change the appearance of your house and save energy, roof painting offers a cost effective option.

Give your roof new life
By investing in painting your roof, you are giving your home a new lease on life. Over time, environmental elements such as lichen and moss, plus weather conditions like heavy rain, hail and even heat can have a negative impact on the state of your roof. Because your roof makes up almost half of the exterior of your home, bringing it back to life can revitalise your home’s appearance and street appeal.

Energy savings
One of the benefits of getting your roof repainted is that it can create electricity savings in your home. At Craft Master Roofing and Guttering, we use NXT COOL ZONE by NUTECH, which provides a heat reflective coating that can stand up to the harshest conditions created by the strong Australian climate. This reflective paint works to keep your roof cooler and as a result makes your home cooler as well, reducing the need to run your air conditioning unit as much during the summer.

Our premium paint
At Craft Master Roofing and Guttering Specialists we use NUTECH Roof Coatings, designed to withstand the tough Australian environment and protect and enhance the appearance of your most valued investment.

NUTECH’S advanced research and development program over 35 years has produced the most technologically advanced roof coatings, including NXT COOL ZONE, a remarkable heat reflective coating, and TILEFLEX 2000, enhanced with Teflon to resist airborne pollution and dirt which can discolour and deteriorate conventional roof paints.

Unlike many other roof paints, NUTECH roof coatings are manufactured from tough Acrylic resins and fade resistant pigments which are durable, flexible and resistant to ultra violet sunlight, to provide complete waterproof protection for your roof. NUTECH coatings are also environmentally friendly and suitable for the collection of drinking water.

Because there are many steps involved in painting a roof properly, we recommend you engage a professional to assess the condition of your roof, complete the necessary cleaning and restoration, prep the roof and paint it. At Craft Master Roofing, we are professionals skilled in roof painting who have the best industry standard equipment to complete your roofing project efficiently. Contact us today to learn how we can help make your roof restoration simple, beautiful and affordable.

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Thank you very much for taking care of our roof requirements and making it easy to deal with you from start to finish.
Marie Druon, Woolooware.
Very pleased with the restoration, the four employees that did the job are a credit to the company.
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