Roof Sarking replacement


Roof flashing is essential for the waterproofing of your roof. Flashing can become vulnerable in places where different surfaces meet, especially around chimneys and skylights. If you have flashing that is rusted or cracked it can cause leaking into your roof causing serious and costly damage.

Craft Master Roofing and Guttering Specialists use Wakaflex, the latest in flashing products ensuring your roof is waterproof again.

Wakaflex is a ‘Lead Free’ flashing solution designed to replace lead in all roof applications, and is suitable for all roof profiles and types. With a malleability that provides a tight seal, it is perfect for use in pitch transitions, wall abutments, rising parts of structures such as dormers and chimney flashings. Installing Wakaflex is an excellent for quick and secure repairs, and can increase the weather tightness of roofs by creating a sealed edge.

This next generation flashing solution eliminates the environmental and water harvesting concerns associated with lead products while maintaining the integrity of the roof. Its inert qualities also mean that Wakaflex can be installed with all roofing materials and will not contaminate any run off being collected and used for domestic purposes.

Wakaflex Specifications

  • Non Toxic – There are no potential hazards for installers and no contamination for run-off water.
  • Lightweight – Wakaflex weighs only 4kg for a 5m roll
  • Available in 4 colours – Terracotta, Black, Lead Grey & Brown
  • Colour Matching – Wakaflex can be painted to match any tile or metal roof profile once installed.
  • Compatible with most roofing materials – Can be fitted to new builds, re-roofs, roof repair and can be retro-fitted to cover existing lead flashing.
  • Built-in Flashings – Wakaflex can be built into brickwork, and step flashed.
  • Suitable for Rainwater Harvesting Systems – Non toxic flexible flashing suitable for water harvesting. There is no toxic or corrosive run off.
  • Lasting Profile – Has an aluminium mesh insert that expands during installation that holds the roof profile.
  • Flexibility – Wakaflex is made from Polyisobutylene (PIB) which provides flexibility to form a weather tight seal on extreme roof profiles.
  • Sealing Strips – Wakaflex comes with two Butyl sealing strips so no additional adhesives are required.
  • Temperature Stability – -40º C to 100º C in accordance with DIN 52133. Can be laid in hot or cold conditions.
  • UV Resistant – In accordance with DIN 16726
  • Backing Strip – Wakaflex comes with a three section plastic backing strip, to keep the products adhesive side clean until final installation.
  • Over-flashing – Wakaflex only requires a 30mm lap joint onto itself. Wakaflex chemically bonds to itself after 20 minutes.
  • Guarantee –Wakaflex comes with a 10 year nationwide guarantee.
  • CSIRO Tested –Wakaflex complies with the CSIRO requirements for AS 2904:1995 ‘Damp Course Flashing’.

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Excellent clean work. Many thanks.
Sylvia Gazdarica, Castle Hill
The roof looks great! Daniel and his team are so helpful and professional.
Kathy Li, Cement Roof Restoration, St Ives.
Craft Master went that bit extra to ensure we were satisfied with the end result – Thanks you.
Addie Murphy, Terracotta Roof Restoration, Westleigh.