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High Pressure Roof Cleaning

At Craft Master Roofing and Guttering Specialists, we realise that surface preparation is fundamental in achieving longevity and visual appeal in all quality paintwork. High pressure roof cleaning is available with roof restoration services. Because the roof comprises 40% of the outside of your home, caring for it properly is one of the biggest investments you can make in your home.

After years of build-up of dirt, grime and growth, it’s hard to remember how beautiful your roof once was. Investing in restoration that includes a high pressure clean can remove years from the appearance of your home.

Process involved in high pressure clean
In addition to cleaning it with water, you to need to stop the growth of whatever is on your roof. This can be achieved by using an anti-fungal treatment that is safe for the environment, your family and the health of your roof.

Most importantly, your roofing expert should ensure that asbestos is not present before using a high pressure washing system. Cleaning asbestos with a high pressure system can cause the asbestos to spread, creating a hefty liability and environmental problems.

Industry standard equipment
At Craft Master, we use industry standard pressure washers with a minimum 3,000 psi water pressure to thoroughly clean down your roof, removing years of moss and baked on dirt and grime before giving your gutters a full clean out.

Why use Craft Master
The condition of your roof has a major impact on your home’s value. Place its care in the hands of professionals who have a proven track record and can be trusted. Craft Master Roofing and Guttering can provide for all of your roofing needs.

Make today the day you invest in your roof restoration and high pressure roof cleaning. It will be the day you invest in your family’s financial future. Contact the experienced team at Craft Master today!

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Great service on roof, professional tradesman.
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Thank you very much for taking care of our roof requirements and making it easy to deal with you from start to finish.
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