Guttering and Downpipe Systems : Your Home’s Protection

When working efficiently, your guttering is a protective system that is part of your roof. It prevents water from collecting on your roof by channelling it away from the roof’s surface. When functioning properly, it ensures that your home’s foundation and roof stay in top condition. It also allows for water collection in rain water tanks.

Leaking gutters and downpipes can cause serious and costly damage to your home. There are several indications you can look for to find out if there are problems with your guttering system. If you notice sagging or leaking, it could indicate an issue that requires further investigation. Improper drainage could also indicate a potential problem, and pooling around your home could result in future problems with the foundations. Though seemingly simple, taking care of your home’s guttering system is essential to maintaining a leak-free home.

Maintaining the health of your guttering system is asessential as ensuring that your roof is in good condition. Both work to protect the valuable investment you’ve made in your family home. If you’re looking for help with your guttering woes, at CraftMaster Roofing and Guttering Specialists we offer a simple solution that will perfectly complement your home’s features.

We provide a large range of Ace guttering products to suit your needs. Ace manufactures one of the most advanced building materials in the world, so you can be confident of long-lasting performance. We also back all our guttering work with a 20 year manufacturers warranty.

When making recommendations for guttering solutions, we start with fascia and barge covers, which are increasingly popular as they eliminate the need to repaint, while at the same time protect your timber fascias from the elements. If your home is situated in a area populated heavily by trees, we recommend gutter protection, such as leaf guard or leaf screener to complete your new guttering system and ensure clean, unblocked gutters all year round.

CraftMaster Roofing and Guttering Specialists also provide the added convenience of coordinating your roof restoration and gutter installation together, ensuring a seamless, no fuss process.

Eight-step guttering system installation

1. Your guttering is measured and the order is placed direct with the manufacturer.
2. Your guttering system is delivered to your home ready for installation.
3. If you are having your roof restored, we will pressure clean your roof tiles at this point, prior to installation. This way your new gutters are left spotless during the roof restoration process.
4. Existing gutters, fascia covers and downpipes are removed.
5. Your new fascia covers, gutters and barge covers are now cut to size and installed by our qualified roof plumbers.
6. Downpipes are installed. They are fitted from the guttering to the stormwater or rainwater tanks.
7. Leaf protection is fitted to new gutters
8. All rubbish is removed from the job site

Once the gutter installation is complete, the remainder of the roof repairs and roof restoration take place.

At CraftMaster Roofing and Guttering we take pride in ensuring your greatest investment — your home — remains protected by taking care of your roofing and guttering needs. Contact us today to learn how we can assess your guttering system and provide an affordable and effective solution.

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